About us

Festivogue is a premium Online Boutique & Couture that opens up avenue for your family's fashion needs in USA & India.  We believe in the fact that dressing is another form of self expression. That inspires us to do everything we could do to glorify your style personality. Each of our designs are derived from traditions and inspired by time. 
From couture to ready to wear, we've got you covered. Each Festivogue product is crafted with quality fabrics sourced directly from the weavers. Our designers bring in their experience to create a costume that is nothing but exemplary. Our goal is to bring you the hot and sought after trends in Indian fashion. 
We do Couture. Would you like to throw in a bit of your creativity or inspiration in to your next dress? You are welcome. We love to work with you on custom designs. Together, let's celebrate fashion.  
Festivogue LLC, Dallas, TX, USA
Festivogue Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, TS, India